Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kabbalah- Tree of Life

Richard Quinn
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is synonymous with the Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism. The Kabbalah describes the ten sefirot by which the divine spirit descended into the material world, which is also the path man can take to ascend back to their true divinity. The Kabbalah represents male and female, dark and light, division and wholeness.

Kabbalah of Esoteric Judaism
It comes from the Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism. The Kabbalist seeks to know the universe and himself as the expression of God. I have incorporated this spiritual symbol into a living tree. 10 Sephiroths, here represented as spheres, express aspects of the Divine, such as The Divine Crown, Wisdom, Mercy, Justice, Beauty, Glory and Eternity.

Also present in the symbol are 22 Paths or Relationships linking the various Names of the Divine. The initiation of the Creation is at the top and flows through the various Sephiroths down into the condensing of the physical universe. It is then thought that the Divine energy reverses course and begins the ascent up the Tree to the origin from whence it sprang. Each Sphere or Sephiroth is associated with a particular color representing its energy or quality. Continue..

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