Our Non-Profit Organization is called Ashvatha. We are an EarthHome spiritual community. Establishing a firm foundation for all whom wishes to Share, Support, Educate, Social Health & Well being, Animal Care, Landcare & Sustainable Environment Spiritual Communities towards a common vision 'Love'.


Our Ashvatha Tree symbolizes our unionship & relationship in co-creating bound by Universal law of Nature co-existing in peace & loving harmony for all living beings. Ashvatha, Ashvattha (Sanskrit: अश्वत्थ, aśvattha or ashvawtha) is a sacred Fig (Hinduism), Bodhi tree (Buddhism).

Origin Vedic scripture dated around 1000 BCE, Rig Veda: hymn 1.164: Verses 20-22. “There is an eternal tree, which has it roots above and branches below. Its luminous root is Brahman, the Supreme Reality , and it alone is beyond death. Everything that exists is rooted in that point. There is nothing else beyond it.”

The tree can be read as a symbol of The Tree of life; speaks of two birds that occupy the same tree. The one is said to eat of its fruit, while the other merely looks on. The unenlightened being devours the tree’s fruit, impelled by egoic and primal desires. The enlighten being, or the sage, however, abstains and merely looks on dispassionately. This tree can be read as a symbol of the tree of knowledge, the on looking bird is the uninvolved self beyond the realm of nature; the other is the embodied being enmeshed in conditioned existence.

Note: Our use of this mystical symbol is not a secular perspective, rather a universal knowledge & wisdom One World Humanity culture rooted at original source creation GOD Eternal Divine Universal Tree Life.


A vision came to me while training to become Yoga/Ayurveda Teacher/Healer. In this vision, we were creating vibrant loving, growing and expanding spiritual one world humanity family community. This dream or vision empower and challenge my inner being higher selves profoundly.

Our pursue is Love, Self-Inquiry & Experimenting with Truth. It is our duty to serve to give & share knowledge making wisdom available abundantly to all. My studies at present is by subjects; Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality, Traditional Medicine, Metaphysics, Human Anatomy, Ecology, Philosophy, Mythology & Astrology. My Love here on Planet Earth is being an observer student of Nature and to be a teacher to others.

This vision is clear and deeply subtly imprinted in my spiritual conscious awareness, though my spiritual seeking is to the highest truth is everlasting. This vision symbolize a place upon our Sacred Mother Earth 'The Tree of Life' that has its roots in both world, inner and outer reality 'as above so below'.

"When we turn inwardly in studying the Sacred Art of Life, one become subtly aware or in union to our connection with universal wisdom of life, streaming or like a leaf on a Tree of Life, Eternally Flowing Blissful, to a seeker Heaven."


Our mission is to establish and co-create together non-profit spiritual community living in peace & love in harmony with nature. Our Ashvatha vision is to be a home of refuge, shelter, protection, cultivation, common sharing health & well being, feed, heal, care, educate all beings comes here to help & guide their personal individual & as collective one family towards spiritual development & humanity evolution.

✡ Supporting all branches world peaceful & loving activism, non profit, charity, health care, healing, humanitarian, holistic & animal welfare organizations.

✡ Co-create a self-sustainable living community environment in balance, harmony & equilibrium with nature and be carer to all of it creatures and landscape.

✡ Cultivate a social spiritual awareness Well-Being & Social Health Education to foster highest mental, physical & spiritual develop.

✡ Establish a sanctuary for all holistic & Metaphysics practices and establish spiritual collective archival shelves for a traditional sacred wisdom & knowledge library and foster spiritual development sanctuary.

Self-Sustainable Non profit

The Ashvatha Self-Sustainable Non Profit Organization by law ownership, incorporation, property, foundation is not to anyone individual, board members, sponsor groups etc. Ashvatha vision legal ownership is collectively share & belong to the people within it communities. All our charities, donations, fundraisers are tax exempt & deductible, all surplus directly fund toward our foundation development & goals.


We welcome & embrace all whom have clearly heard from their deepest subtle inner hearts calling onward to the spiritual path, seekers, faithful, devoted or happen by chance been guided to this common path of the loving heart journey.

Peace to all, Love to all & Life to all. Blessing is truly upon us all in this blessed turning of the new ages.